Peter Cronin

Richard Saturday

Peter is a self-taught painter in the plein air tradition (which simply means that he paints outdoors a lot). Peter has been painting Watercolour for over thirty years and Oils for around ten. “It’s a long time but engaging with the natural world using paint and brushes is a sublime experience and it’s a journey with no end” he reports.

“I paint the world around me because its beautiful, especially the natural world, which we despoil and disregard in our ignorance and disrespect.

I use watercolour because of its fluid nature and transparency, whilst I also like the buttery, more vibrant nature of Oil paint. For me, painting is a way of immersing myself in the moment and hopefully placing that emotion or mood into the painting” adds Cronin.

Peter, who ran a masterclass at our 2022 Festival, adds “I enjoy spreading the word, regarding painting and I will always have some demonstrations and classes in the diary. This has resulted in the production of two books. One on my watercolour technique and a more recent publication on the joys of sketching”

Peter was the judge and mentor for the Welsh heats of the 2022 series Watercolour Challenge on Channel 5