Peter Rosser

Richard Sunday

Peter is a professional medical herbalist who also teaches herbal medicine for both student medical herbalists and lay herbalists. He practices traditional Western herbalism and is a member of the International Register of Consultant Herbalists.

Peter will examine the role of herbal medicine in allowing the creation of a bridge that can be used to connect with Nature. We are all capable of finding and using herbal remedies that can be found growing around us in fields, hedgerows, woods and of course our gardens. The act of identifying, collecting, preparing and using herbs is an act that with due research and caution can allow appreciation of the wonderful local plants that are easily available to us. This can empower and enable a feeling of being part of the natural world. This in itself is a good reason to be with and enjoy the plants.

In his talk, Peter will discuss the philosophy and history behind herbal medicine, and take a look at some common plants that are often thought of as weeds but should be valued not despised. Also, he will consider some of the ways herbs can be prepared to provide their accessibility and assistance throughout the year. Peter will additionally consider other creative ways of working with herbs.